Too Much Stuff

The Disease of Stuff

Montessori practice is very much about limiting materials/objects/toys. Not limiting a child’s experiences, of course, but limiting access to certain materials at any one time. It’s true that “less is more” when it comes to child development. When very young children have only one object to focus on at a time, it promotes concentration and attention to that one object.

Later in the child’s development, adding one or more objects, teaches to compare and contrast. Early in a child’s development though, chaos already reigns supreme. The best thing an adult can provide is order and clarity.

Too many toys laying about initially, only contributes to existing chaos and confusion in the experiences and the mind of the child. Yes, the child will learn about different shapes, sizes, weights, and textures. Eventually. But, if provided thoughtful arrangement and exposures, the child will learn to categorize and order such experiences in a much more meaningful, energetic and positive way.