Your Child Doesn’t Listen to You?

Be assured. Your child is listening to you. I know how it doesn’t seem so, much of the time, but look at the examples of how your child is listening to you (and watching you) – by the way he imitates you. At least as a toddler, he is not capable of turning that on/off. Cherish the times he shows you the behaviors you want to see, and have patience to weather the storms of the testing/(“defiant”) behaviors.

Thoughts on When Your Toddler Clings

These are important ideas for helping you and your child to separate when it’s necessary. As a mother, I know how It’s so difficult to leave your crying child with someone else while you walk away. Or to deal with a clingy child when you are around others or in public. So, here are some helpful and important tips on how to handle such a delicate situation and feel better that you are not emotionally damaging your toddler.

Let Them Play With Legos

Isaac Morehouse tells us a little about his unschooling experience, and why he feels playing with Legos is more valuable than learning algebra. A reminder to us to not underestimate the value of play, and not overestimate the value of “book” learning.

Benefits of an Old-Fashioned Summer

A great read about just taking things easy and enjoying time with your kids. Or at least letting them enjoy their time doing what interests them the most. Don’t worry so much about creating fun things for them to do – their innate curiosity will lead them towards plenty of creative projects, which are in themselves highly intellectually, socially, emotionally rich with opportunities to learn and grow.