How Does Your Child Hear and Talk?

As a mother of a toddler just a few months from approaching the 2 year mark, I wonder about his speech abilities. I’m confident about his understanding of words in conversations, but wondering why he doesn’t say more? To be clear – I’m not worried! I am comfortable with the fact that all children develop on their own timelines and should be allowed to do so without parent worry or judgement. But I am curious. There are other younger toddlers in the classroom who are “speaking” or at least copying a wider variety of words and words sounds. So, how do children learn to speak? Here are some ideas.

I have posted a link to the 1-2 year age mark for the families in my community, but there are links included for younger and older age groups.

Choosing Childcare

Yes, I want you to choose me as your childcare provider. But then again, no – not if you aren’t comfortable with what I am actually providing for you. I want parents to be on board with my methods and my approach to caring for their child(ren), otherwise everyone loses and nobody wins. You must choose a provider who will meet your needs in the most possible ways.

That being said, I like the particulars of this article as it relates to infant/toddler needs, which, ideally, should be the priority! As much as the Montessori philosophy touts a higher ratio of children to adults (which I do believe is extremely valuable), in the toddler years, more individual attention from primary caregivers is important in building their personalities and self-confidence. These years are so much more sensitive (compared to the “primary” ages 3- 6) in the production of the person they will become.

If you are choosing childcare for infants and toddlers, consider these aspects published here.