Everything Educational


As an early childhood care provider I do feel pressure to be sure that children are learning every day. At the same time, I know that learning happens every day, no matter if it can be measured in any significant way or not, and no matter whether there are high quality interactions and materials provided or not. But obviously, with quality interactions, conversations, and developmentally appropriate books and materials provided, quality learning does happen every day, again, even though it cannot be quantitatively measured. This is what I strive to provide, and to achieve, as a “measure” of my own success, so to speak.

At such a young age (under 6 years), and arguably at any age, learning should really not be so measured. So I agree, we should stop trying to “make” everything educational, and just let “education” happen naturally through freedom of exploration and play. Children naturally want to learn about their world. Let’s be sure to let that happen naturally and not squander their natural love of learning by trying to “force” learning.