Choosing Battles vs. Setting Limits

You often hear teachers, child care workers, and parents use the phrase “choose your battles”. In some areas of life, this is a helpful solution to our problems. But in regards to raising children, this article suggests that it may not be a wise approach. I had not thought about that phrase in the way this author suggests. Although I try to stay away from using clichés in general, I have acted in this manner as a teacher many times. I will now think twice and speak up when I hear this, as it is so prevalent in our society. When we say we are choosing battles, it doesn’t mean to simply not let the small stuff bother you. To a child, it is confusing and inconsistent, and can lead to insecurity and negative behavior. Children are most secure when there are clear and consistent limits and boundaries. Reading this article changed my thinking on the attitude behind the phrase “choosing your battles”.

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