Comfort With Uncertainty

How To Decide What To Do With Your Life

This article addresses younger children primarily, but I believe this is important information for adults too. Perhaps we weren’t raised with practice in developing these skills, but there are many adults in my same situation – what we thought we’d be doing isn’t the case because the world has changed – and we now are sort of forced to develop these skills/habits, which is extremely difficult. Being comfortable with uncertainty is the most difficult for me, but hopefully will turn out to be the most rewarding when my business begins to thrive.

How wonderful, though, to think that we can help young children today be more comfortable with their uncertainty than I am today. My lack of opportunities to practice this skill becomes a huge motivator for me to make sure my child has every opportunity. Not to discourage any child who “just knows” to follow a certain path – I’m sure that plan still does work for some people. Either way, developing comfort with any kind of uncertainty is a life skill that young children need to learn to be able to adapt to a changing world.

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