Free to Concentrate

“ The child is impelled by the opportunities given to him. – Maria Montessori ”

In a world so ever-changing, always adjusting to the demands of the day, and as fast-paced as modern American life has come to be, the question of “How to you get kids to concentrate?” is an essential question among devoted parents, about their child(ren), directed to their child’s Montessori teacher. The question is asked in grave concern regarding their child’s development, and in their notably devoted efforts to complement and make consistent what the child experiences between home and school. The answer to that question? Some examples are given here in this link, and others are forthcoming as the topic has many variables.

Here is a starting point to that dialogue, and the rest is a process of trust, belief, and understanding – not in a spiritual way, but in a way that allows for the delicate balance of many aspects of human development to occur with as few obstacles as possible over a long period of time – as much time as is required for optimal human development, and under the guidance of a network of trusting and loving adults.

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