School Sucks

Dear Readers,

I started listening to this podcast several years ago when I was a public school teacher and struggling with my emotions about whether I wanted to continue being a teacher and not able to put my finger on the root of my distaste for it. I mean, I was an instrumental music teacher, teaching kids to play violin, viola, cello or bass. I had an elective class, so I didn’t even have to teach “the masses”. I was teaching children who chose to be in my class. What is there to complain about? I loved teaching music!

I came to realize that what I hated about my job was but the administrative part of it, and ultimately, the philosophy and structure of it. Brett Veinotte’s podcast helped me come to this realization, and helped me come to terms with my struggle and get me to where I am now. If you haven’t listened to this podcast, I urge you to start from the very first one and follow his outline from the beginning. If you are already a follower of mine, you may already be convinced that avoiding public schooling is the way to go. But, if you encounter neighbors, friends or family that are entrenched in the public school mindset but may be open to seeking alternatives, I can truly recommend this podcast series. It’s easy to follow and understand. You have to be prepared for absolute bluntness, but in the end, it’s exactly what people need to hear. It’s real thoughts, real experience, and a real foundation for change in our current education tradition. Help spread the message!

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