Slow Down To Real-Time

Why Slowing Down Stimuli to Real-Time Helps A Child’s Brain

Research continues to support limiting screen time especially in a child’s youngest years of development. Sadly, I have seen home day care ads that publish a daily schedule that includes tv/dvd time of at least 1 hour per day. I have even witnessed children in an after care program at a “Montessori” school sitting in front of the television. Be aware of your child’s exposure to the television (including ads targeted to children that feature unhealthy foods and developmentally inappropriate or unnecessary toys).

There is no television in my home day care space. Not only is it not necessary – we can find plenty of activities to engage in, even on a rainy day – it’s simply not healthy. I’m not suggesting we should ignore technology, but a young child’s brain simply is not ready for such a fast pace. Familiarity and ability with technology will come quickly – when the child is developmentally ready.

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