The Best Clothing For Your Infants and Toddlers

Have you ever carefully watched a toddler try to move while wearing denim? I have dressed my child in denim, and those are the days he seems to struggle more. Why? Movement is more challenging! He is happier when he is wearing shorts, sweats, even pajama pants, simply because he can move with complete freedom. He is also happier without socks and shoes, because he has a connection between his feet and whatever he is walking, running, and climbing on, that he doesn’t have when he is wearing socks and shoes. Of course there are times when socks and shoes are necessary for safety and temperature concerns, but more often than not, they tend to impede his movement. In the future, shoes and traction will help him with more challenging climbing movements, but right now, bare feet seem to be the best. It’s a simple concept for us, but life-changing for our infants and toddlers.

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