The Socialization Argument

Even with a classroom of 6 children, (as opposed to homeschooling families which most will have fewer children), I know there are going to be plenty of opportunities for socialization. I have already discovered several meetup groups that bring homeschooling families together, and I have also started one of my own. I am looking forward to scheduling play dates and field trips with other local home-schooling families.

In this day and age it is ridiculous to think that home-schooled children are missing out on socializing. Not only is that not true, but think about what kinds of socializing opportunities the typical public schooled child experiences. In public schools, children are for the most part, segregated by age, so most socializing happens only among children  the same age group. There is no depth of interactions that would happen in a mixed age group, where children learn to help each other and/or look up to each other. I remember when my middle school students barely knew others in the orchestra if they were in a different grade level.

Incidences of bullying are on the rise. Children are expected to put up with bullies day in and day out, and for many, causing stress and anxiety about attending school. Is this what the socialization argument is supposed to make homeschooling parents feel their children are somehow missing out?

Of course, not all children experience trauma in public school, and many children do develop strong friendships with their peers in school. But parents need not be swayed by any kind of argument suggesting that choosing to home-school your child deprives them of socialization opportunities.


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