Toddlers and Sharing

The way this mother discusses the topic of toddlers “sharing” toys, is very much in line with the Montessori philosophy of “sharing” and the same that I strive to practice in my in-home daycare. Toddlers don’t really have a concept of “other” as far as feelings or emotions. They just aren’t capable of that right now. So, a toddler who doesn’t share is a “normal” toddler! It’s really fruitless to try to get toddlers to understand the concept of sharing this early in their development. And let’s face it – the idea of “sharing” in and of itself is not so simple. I talk to the children about their frustrations when another child takes something or has something that is desired, and help them to begin to understand, but demanding that your toddler (or someone else’s) “share” could be really damaging to them emotionally, rather than helpful or polite.

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