Toddlers Stealing Toys

What To Do About A Toddler Toy Taker

In the past few months since I have started my new in-home school I have recently experienced this with my toddlers. One of whom is my own… What to do what your toddler is stealing toys. Does this mean your child has a social disorder, or is this normal childhood development that needs simply to be guided and directed in a loving way? So far, for me, it could be both. Careful observation is essential. Children need opportunities to resolve conflicts on their own. The reality is though, if children are hurting each other for any reason, the adult needs to step in. I’m not sure what else could help the situation “naturally” resolve itself once it gets to this level. It does not necessarily indicate a “disorder” rather than a habit of behavior, that could be changed with consistent intervention. But in fact, in most cases toy-stealing does resolve itself, at least in my experiences so far. But, in the cases where children are being hurt or bullied, even at this young age, great suggestions are provided here, and I also follow these suggestions in my in-home school.

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