Understanding Your Toddler


I really enjoyed reading this article. It is a well-written account of what a toddler would say to a parent if s/he could. With as much experience and training as I have had with this age group, you’d think I would already understand and practice this. I do understand it, but often in the heat of the moment my “instincts” tell me something else, and I don’t always practice what I’m about to preach. Of course, these are not instincts speaking, they are the voices of strongly imbedded traditions of child rearing practices, that I was raised by, and I instantly revert to them because it’s been in my experience for so long. It’s difficult to break these habits, but essential for the emotional development of our children that we do. I always find that re-reading articles such as these are important reminders of the vision that I have to change the course of childhood education to a more peaceful journey.

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