Welcome to the Peaceful Childhood Education blog. I created this blog to share some insights from my teaching and parenting experiences, and to discuss with readers the many issues and themes relating to childhood development, parenting, and education.

My passion for starting this blog comes from many years of working with children, and sadly, seeing in many children a sort of “learned helplessness” combined with a general apathy for wanting to learn anything new. Many children did not seem to have acquired adequate critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, or conflict resolution skills. This did not seem normal or natural to me, and I struggled with each new year, and each new batch of children, to get many of them to realize their self-worth and true potential, and to simply want to learn something new. It seemed to be a trend that was worsening each year. What was happening? I knew there had to be something better. There must be better ways to help and guide these children. Whatever methods of education were in place, were clearly not working.

So, now I’m here to share my stories and observations, from past and present, and discuss with my readers, with hope that we can find better, more peaceful, and more inspiring ways to raise, educate and care for our children.

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